This European Standard gives requirements for the design, fabrication, inspection, testing and verification of GRP tanks and vessels with or without Thermoplastics lining for storage or processing of fluids, factory made or site built, non pressurised or  up to 10 bar, for use above ground.

The terms vessels and tanks as used in this European Standard include branches up to the point of connection to pipe work or other equipment by bolting and supports, brackets or other attachments bonded directly to the shell.

This European Standard covers vessels and tanks subject to temperatures between – 40 °C and + 120 °C

Whom :
Engineers, Sales managers, Purchase departments
Companies :
Endusers GRP piping, Engineering bureau’s, Technical department manufacturers.
Goal :
After the course you can read the EN 13121 by yourself
Duration :
3-4 days course; maximum amount of candidates 8

• Testing .
• Wall thickness calculation
• Design
• Installation
• Quality plan