DNV & ISO 14692 certification scheme supervisor_Inspector

RTR/GRP piping systems have many important advantages over steel piping, including corrosion resistance, long lifetime, low maintenance, etc. During its lifetime, FRP/RTR/GRP piping seldom shows any failures. The failures which do occur are mostly in the commissioning phase.

Failures can usually be attributed to the installers, particularly on account of a lack of proper knowledge regarding FRP/RTR/GRP procedures and a lack of skills and experience.

Around 2010 a worldwide group of end-users, pipe manufacturers, and contractors decided to tackle this problem, and jointly with DNV drew up a competence profile for every FRP/RTR/GRP specialist working in the field.

The requirements set out in the competence profiles are very demanding, but the overall aim is simple: a reduction of installation failures and consequently reducing enormous installation costs.

The examination of a supervisor & inspector is based on an assessment of the portfolio of the candidate.

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FRP Jointer Inspector Course


A certified supervisor monitors and carries responsibility for the execution of the work done by the bonders, spool builders and pipe fitters.

A certified inspector independently monitors the installation of RTR/GRP piping systems. He controls and verifies that bonders, spool builders, pipefitters, supervisors, and other personnel have performed in compliance with the job specifications.